The concept of the Masterclass has been grown in the last years as students asked us how to deepen their knowledge of the different levels of Zhineng Qigong. The Zhigong Institute organizes the Teacher Training for many years in Germany and in the Netherlands with great success. As a continuation of that process we offered several Masterclasses with Master Yuantong Liu and the outcome was amazing. The participants experienced great inner growth and described the process as a unique and memorable transformation. Although they still meet challenging situations in their lives they gave us the feedback that they can handle these situations more easily due to the tools they got during the Masterclass and because of being able to be consciously aware of the present moment.



We believe that all human beings have enormous capacities as we are born with the connection to a huge collective consciousness field, the Hunyuan Qi Field. The awareness of these unlimited capacities can evolve an access to a total new path in life (lifestyle).

If you start to use the tools Zhineng Qigong Science offers consciously you are able to connect to the abundant universal field with brand-new possibilities. You are able to create an environment where you can be your own master, which means that you can deal consciously with all the situations in life in the present moment.

Teach and learn from each other


During the Masterclass we will ask you to work together with other participants. We will ask you e.g. to write a script, to correct each other or/and teach each other. You will also have to work together with the masters and teachers. They expect you to take over some parts of the management or the lectures e.g. like managing the flip over notes or leading the group through an exercise. We believe that one of the greatest moments in life is when we allow us to teach each other. That’s why we include this part in the Masterclass process.

Progress and Process


Progress is one of the essentials of our Masterclass. All students are different due to their practice level and understanding of the theories of Zhineng Qigong. Nevertheless all students experience big progress during their participation of the Masterclass as all receive individual corrections, coachings and attention.

In the time between the workshops the students are asked to continue their practice at home. Zoom sessions, intervision, the online platform www.zhigongonline.comand other tools will motivate and inspire them to keep up the good spirit. Off course,  discipline to complete the homework is necessary in the process of being your own master.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong

These four words are often used in the Zhineng Qigong Science community. The meaning is that whatever your intention is, it’s already done perfectly well. You are already there. In the beginning it might be easy to understand this concept with your mind (your thinking). The moment you experience this holistic concept you will know that you entered the door to the ‘New point of life.’


Hun Yuan Ling Tong!