Arjette Willemse


‘From the summer of 2015 until the summer of 2018, I followed the Masterclass.

Each level was taught in a special and pleasant way by Master Liu and Anne. It gave me much more depth. Especially the connection between the profound theory and practice gave my Zhineng Qigong practice much more value. In the period of the Masterclass there have been big challenges in my personal life in the area of my health and family. The Masterclass exercises helped me tremendously, both physically and above all on a mental level, to stay calm, and to be present in the moment under all circumstances. It also helped me to realized that it will transform.

Being present in the here and now with compassion, love and energy to enjoy what is there. Every day I experience the benefits of all the knowledge and experiences of the Masterclass. The meetings and whatsapp contacts with other students I experience as one big party where discipline, conviviality, humor and friendships are intertwined!’