Dagmar Wildenhain


‘The Masterclass was much more than deepening knowledge or practice. Walking out of the comfort zone to discover what is really valuable in life, to feel how much energy is always there blocked by thoughts, emotions and patterns, being supported by Master Yuantong Liu, Anne and the group. Before I started the Masterclass, I wasn’t sure if I could attend, I noticed pressure on me and I felt tired. Anne encouraged me to join, in the beginning I could feel my resistance but after a few days it changed and I recognized that the energy was increasing quite fast. After two weeks I was regenerated. A Yoga Class was on the same time in our location. They were amazed at our happiness, the group Qifield and our enthusiasm, because we started in the morning and finished late in the evening, one afternoon “off”. Every year was special in the Masterclass training. I am grateful for all experiences I made. It was a big step forward living authentically within my potential and within the love of universal entirety.”