Nynke Roukema


Looking back at my younger years, everything seems to line up towards finding my true life intention: to be at home in my life and to teach others to do so through understanding and practise of qigong.


My younger years

During my youth and younger adulthood, I suffered from chronic diseases and had serious energy dips, sometimes to an extent that I couldn’t properly function. I had a huge interest in learning at school, reading, spirituality, the human body, food & cooking, judo and sailing. I started yoga when I was 16 years old and continued this during my studies as chemical engineer.


In my twenties I had a life-threatening acute condition, which I luckily survived. Having lost faith in the effectiveness of western medicin with chronic illness, I then decided to look beyond this limited framework and searched for complementary options such as homeopathy, anthroposophy and several forms of energetic and natural healing. It was a challenging trip with gradual improvement and surpising (“impossible”) results. And I learned a lot about the body and how everything is connected rather than made up of parts.


Becoming a teacher

Meanwhile, I had a challenging career with a multinational learning a lot about processing, optimisation and human development. After many years – in the meantime having become a mother of twins – I decided to continue my career as an independent coach and trainer, centering around the principle of energy, both personal and in groups of people. My interest in the human body and life optimisation led me to become a specialist in stress regulation and personal energy management.


Starting zhineng qigong

Having practised qigong and taiji for 12 years, I came across zhineng qigong through a good friend who became seriously ill. She went to China to train with a zhineng qigong master for 3 weeks and returned radiating. I decided to practise with her to support her and because I was really motivated to experience this wonderful method. It was exactly what I was looking for. This is now 6 years ago.


My partner and I then found a great teacher and started weekly practise. It took some time to get to my first gong and I was greatly impressed with the impact on my life and energy. I was very lucky to be able to assist my teacher with teaching elderly people zhineng qigong and see wonderful results. The greatest breakthrough came when I once joined a class doing Body & Mind Form. It was excruciating for me, having pain all over my body. Still I knew it was good. Afterwards I felt a very sweet sensation and I knew this was exactly what I needed to do.


I started to search for a good teacher and decided to call Anne, whom I had just met at the funeral of Corry’s husband (she is the oldest student at the Zhigong Institute and my husbands aunt). We decided I would start with the level 2 teacher class. It was a fabulous year with lots of breakthroughs and also real painfull setbacks. My faith in the effectiveness of zhineng qigong grew even stronger when my back and neck improved dramatically. I started to enjoy the practise more and more. When I was invited to the level 2 masterclass I decided this was what I wanted to invest in. At the same time I seriously started to study the qigong science.


The masterclass experience

Some people said: “why start a year masterclass when you’ve just practised this form intensely for 2 years?” Part of the answer was an inner knowing, which has always worked very well for me. Another part was the desire to really go deeper in the understanding of this form and in the details of its practise. Especially level 2 has many important details which need a master and a lot of previous practise to obtain. At the end of the first morning of the 2-week intensive we had improved the opening (!) and I was stunned with the level of learning in an exercise I thought I knew so well. This continued during the whole training. I also went through the experience of a very long and intense practise, which changed my ability and strength to endure longer practise. We also were taught the various meditation levels, which opens up a perspective of deepening even further!

A large part of the masterclass consisted of teachings by master Liu in qigong science. This stilled my hunger for understanding how qi works, how qi can improve life conditions and how to put this into practise. We went through various practises to experience and discover how our frame of reference works and how to transform it. And we had great exercises on discovering our life intention, which has led to what I wrote in the first sentence. I already had a good sense of what my life was about, but discovering this felt like coming home.

We learned and practised how to work with the qi during healing processes at the different levels. Especially the information healing appeals a lot to me, having had training in different energy healing methods which somehow seemed to me as too much doing and intervening. Last but not least this practise took place in a great group of people, who have become my qigong family. Among them is Corry, who is currently 86 years old and got the honourable name of “our qi mother” from master Liu. What an example!


Level 3

In my practise as a coach and teacher-trainer I have worked with and seen the importance of emotion regulation. And I was very keen to extent this practise to working with the organs qi and going deeper with my own regulation. I expected it to make the final transformation of my original illnesses to greater health and strength at a very deep level. So I decided to continue with the level 3 masterclass.

I have fallen in love with the very special and delicate qi that flows during and after this exercise. My organs have become relaxed to a level I didn’t know before. The transformation that took place during the chanting practise was huge and fast. This is by far the most enjoyable and rewarding practise I have come across so far!

And it has had a great effect on my daily life experience. I feel happy and very grateful. In this masterclass we also got to deeper meditation levels which are based on the features of YYT.


Qigong Theory

In the meantime I had read “the blue book” (Hunyuan Entirety Theory) and was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the essence of this theory. Strangely enough, almost everyone I spoke to said it was too complex and difficult to understand. This made me think how to make this more accessible, because it was very clear to me how my qigong practise deepened with every little detail I got out of it. I used small quotes in my own classes and my students were also delighted with the results. Talking to Anne about this, she came up with a draft translation in Dutch made by a grateful and inspired student in the last year of his life. Together with Henk I had a wonderful time of studying, rereading, translating, interpreting, discussing and finally we produced the Dutch translation. It was a hunhua process in itself! It is in Anne webshop as e-book and we hope to have it printed later this year. I strongly recommend studying the theory, even if it is just a few lines you get out of it initially.


To support studying the theory, I have just finalized a series of short videos (in English) on the principles of it for Zhigong Online which have been much fun to make. In these videos the principles are introduced, we will do exercises to make it real and I will talk about the relevance for your daily life experience. I hope you will enjoy my new channel on the Zhigong Online platform (www.zhigongonline.com).


Qigong in daily life

Shortly after the masterclass my partner and I joined the trip with master Liu to China and Tibet. One of the reasons I wanted to join was a fascination how to learn to manage your body in difficult conditions (low oxygen). We practised for a week at master Liu’s home and learned wonderful breathing techniques which proved tob e very effective. I also learned how to relate to outside information during travelling and sightseeing, resulting in a lot of energy, where I used to have these big energy dips. As a great gift, the Chinese masters in correcting body posture joined us for 2 days, resulting in my left shoulder which has always been 4 cm higher to drop down. Needless to say the trip in Tibet was breathtaking and I enjoyed every part of it. A trip to remember forever because of the beauty as well as the great lessons I learned how to use consciousness in daily life to improve health and happiness.


At this moment I am looking forward at again deepening a practise (L-sitting) in the summerworkshop in Epe. I have taken a sabbatical to allow space for all this and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Let’s see what next actions will emerge from my life intention!