Masterclass Zhineng Qigong Level 3 in Spain 2020

The third module of the Masterclass consists of 2 parts: a 2-weeks program that will take place in the Casa el Morisco, a beautiful seminar house in Spain and a 4-day workshop that will take place in Epe - the Netherlands. The goal of the third step is the final integration of your advanced Qigong lifestyle. You will be able to embrace the present moment and you will experience a new Gongfu Level.

Date: 09/02/2020 untill 29/06/2020

Cost: 1st part: 2360,- Euro included all lectures, hotel and three meals per day, transfer from and to the airport; 2nd part: 399,- Euro included all lectures and the lunch

Location: Casa el Morisco close to Malaga (Spain) and Fletcher Hotel in Epe (The Netherlands)

For who: Persons who want to deepen their knowledge of Zhineng Qigong Level 3

Teacher: Main Teacher: Master Yuantong Liu, Coordinator: John van Veen

Study material: The students will create their own manual. On we have a special Masterclass channel.

Practical information:

The first part of this Masterclass will take place in a wonderful seminar house in the south of Spain, called the Casa el Morisco. The second part of this Masterclass will be in Epe in the Netherlands.

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"Masterclass Zhineng Qigong Level 3 in Spain 2020"

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More info:

Content of the third module:

The goal of the Masterclass is to develop your own Mastery. This goal can be reached through the practice of Zhineng Qigong methods and the authentic learning of the Hunyuan Qi Theory. It’s a unique possibility to transform your lifestyle and create your path to inner peace and perfect health and happiness.


  • Practice:

Profound and long practice units of the Five Yuan Organs Method (combination of movements, mudras, chanting and meditation), self-healing management

  • The Five Hunyuan Organs Method combines the mind, movements and sounds to mobilize Qi. The Five Hunyuan Organs Method mobilizes the Qi of the five inner organs to open and close, gather and disperse, through sound, movement and the mind. Through this you connect the five inner organs Qi with the Hunyuan Palace Qi. It also increases the connection and transformations between inner organs Qi and the body Hunyuan Qi. This creates a qualitative change in the body. It’s important for the practitioners to to observer their self-development as the method works on the emotions of the fiver inner organs. The connection between the emotions and Qi will be improved and that will cause a huge change in one’s Qi level.


  • Theory:

Profound understanding of the theories behind Level 3 of Zhineng Qigong, the Five Hunyuan Organs Method, repetition of all concepts of module 1 and 2, the third level of meditation, activation of self-healing capacities

  • Individual guidance:

The participants will have personal guidance during this module of the Masterclass. There is enough time and space for individual corrections and feedback.

Date, price and location
First part: The two-week workshop from February 9th to 23rd, 2020 will cost 2360 euros. This price includes accommodation in a double room (based on double occupancy), all meals and 12 training days with Master Yuantong Liu. The workshop starts on Sunday, February 9th, 2020 with a welcome dinner. The workshop ends on February 23rd 2020 after breakfast. If you want a single room, please contact us.

Second part: The four-day workshop from 26th of June until the 29th of June 2020 will cost 399 euros for participants of the Masterclass. This price includes lunch, water, tea, coffee and fruit. The four-day workshop will take place in the Fletcher Hotel in Epe. Accommodation costs are not included. Lodging needs to be booked separately.

The second part belongs to our 8-day summer workshop and therefore you need to book it separately. Klick here!


Teacher and coordinator: 

Master Yuantong Liu began to study a traditional Qigong-form at the age of 8. For the last 40 years he has been practicing Zhineng Qigong. He was a teacher at the famous Huaxia Qigong Center of Dr. Pang Ming, also known as the medicine-less hospital for 10 years. He became a Zhineng Qigong Master after attending a rigorous 2-year training program at the Zhineng Qigong Center. Master Yuantong Liu is an international well-known teacher and speaker. He inspires the worldwide Zhineng Qigong community and motives them to transform their lifestyles to live a healthy and happy life.


John van Veen is part of the Teachers team of the Zhigong Institute in the Netherlands. He practices Zhineng Qigong for 10 years. John participated in the first 3-year Masterclass Program with Master Yuantong Liu that started in 2015. John is very good and structures teacher and he will support the group in their proces to become own masters.



Dagmar Wildenhain: ‘The Masterclass was much more than deepening knowledge or practice. Walking out of the comfort zone to discover what is really valuable in life, to feel how much energy is always there blocked by thoughts, emotions and patterns, being supported by Master Yuantong Liu, Anne and the group. Before I started the Masterclass, I wasn’t sure if I could attend, I noticed pressure on me and I felt tired. Anne encouraged me to join, in the beginning I could feel my resistance but after a few days it changed and I recognized that the energy was encreasing quite fast. After two weeks I was regenerated. A Yoga Class was on the same time in our location. They were amazed at our happyness, the group Qifield and our enthusiasm, because we started in the morning and finished late in the evening, one afternoon “off”. Every year was special in the Masterclass training. I am grateful for all experinces I made. It was a big step forward living authentically within my potential and within the love of universal entirety.”