Master Yuantong Liu

Master (Teacher) of the Masterclass

Master Yuantong Liu is the main teacher of the Masterclass. His practices Qigong since his childhood. He lived and worked in the Huaxia Center of Dr. Pang Ming for many years. After his stay in the Huaxia Center he set the intention to spread out Zhineng Qigong Science and its methods and theories throughout the world. Since then he travels all over the world to inspire the Zhineng Qigong community with his profound knowledge about this wonderful art.

Master Yuantong Liu is an inspiring master and teacher with an unique way of teaching. He is married to Teacher Xue who also lived in the Huaxia Center for many years and together they have a daughter Hongxu. Hongxu also practices Zhineng Qigong and we hope that one day we can welcome her as our future teacher of the Masterclass. Hun Yuan Ling Tong!